The Ill Made Knight Lancelot Character Analysis

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The Impact of Love Throughout The Ill-Made Knight, Lancelot is exposed to the difficulties and obstacles of love within simple and complex relationships. White examines different types of love within Lancelot’s relationships with Arthur, God, Elaine, and Guenever. He shows Lancelot’s efforts to please others and his internal struggle because of it. T.H. White highlights the problems of love and how it can destroy one’s view of themselves and cause them to make irrational decisions. White explores Lancelot’s self-hatred and moral dilemmas to show how love can influence an individual’s thoughts and actions. In the Ill-Made Knight the love in friendships, one’s moral values, and romantic love are examined and ultimately shows the abstract and…show more content…
During his love affair with Guinevere he not only neglects his own morals, but lets their love diminish his friendship with Arthur. Being that Lancelot is so committed to his faith in God, his values reflect these religious ideas. When Lancelot loses his virginity to Elaine, his core beliefs are lost. When he becomes involved with Elaine, he doesn 't tell Guenever and creates a complication of the situation. His love affects all aspects of his life and eventually leads to him going insane and running away from the castle. His relationship with Guenever causes Lancelot to behave much differently than how he typically does. He betrays Arthur, his religion, and himself. The hatred for himself continues to grow as he admits to himself that he has betrayed others for the love he feels with Guenever. White shows Lancelets’ inter-strife to examine how his love with Guenever overrides the basis of his…show more content…
He loves God and although he numerous times fails to meet the simple rules of his religion, he feels a sense of guilt and tries to correct his sins. Adultery and the problems of his multiple relationship lead to his quest for the Holy Grail. After returning from his quest, he reconnects with God and realigns himself to his personal beliefs. Touched by his reconnection to God, he works to identify his sins and defends God’s way in making things right. He recognizes his wrong-doings and doesn 't resent God for the decisions that He has made for him. Through Lancelot’s relationship with God, White establishes a relationship that isn 't tangible, but still is at the center of Lancelot’s feelings and actions. Lancelot acknowledges his pride and realizes that it is God’s will that will guide him. After returning from the quest, Lancelot changes his life and doesn’t let his past pride and self-determination define his renewed self-image and the way he views the world around him. His new found attitude is acknowledged by many characters, especially Guenevere. She sees the new person he has become and comments, “I feel as if I were sacrificing you, or us if you like, to a new sort of love” (White 431). Lancelot’s deep and complex love and faith in God impacts his life and alters his ego to make himself a better person. Through the Ill-Made Knight, Lancelot’s actions and
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