The Illuminati: Infiltrated Hollywood And Pop Culture

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The Illuminati is a organization of world leaders. May 1, 1776 the New World Order was formed. I found it pretty strange they were formed the same year as the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Do you know what the word Illuminati means? It is the plural of the Lamin Illuminatus which means “ enlightenment ”. Since The 1950s people have been convinced the Illuminati have infiltrated Hollywood and Pop Culture. It is believed everyone in the entertainment industry is in the Illuminati and they are using the media to brainwash the people. Many of their highest members were or are Freemasons. There goal was to obtain mortality and virtue. In 1770 all secret groups were banned by the new ruler of Bavaria but they lasted another eight…show more content…
Whether the secret society group still exist no one knows for sure. Here are some facts about the Illuminati... the “all seeing eye” is one of their most precious symbols it lets people know that they’ve “ They Were Here”. Most large corporations use the “All seeing eye” in their logos such as CBS, TOL, Time warner and many more. The Illuminati have supposedly “breed” some of the world’s most evil people such as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, and all these dictators supposedly had connections to the Illuminati. The illuminati also are supposed to have inside people working for them in the government, media, and places of authority. They “manage’ global economy through central banks. Most citizen believe that the Federal Reserve Bank is a “government-operated” bank that meets the financial needs of the country, but this is not true. Almost every country in the world has a national bank . A country’s central bank has the power to print money and then loan it out to
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