The Illusion Of Love In La Belle Dame Sans Merci

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In “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” a knight has been put under the spell of some woman that he met in the forest. In “A Mother in a Refugee Camp” there is a mother who cares for her child. In “Remember” it is about the last wish of a dying lover. In these three poems they all represent love and they can all represent the illusion of love. But they are all very different when you look at the reasons of love and the reasons for the illusion of love. But in “A Mother in a Refugee Camp” there is the maternal love for the child from the mother. In “Remember” the person who is speaking is talking about death and is asking for the person they are talking to, to remember them but not if it hurts them trying to remember. “Better by far you should forget…show more content…
“She took from their bundle of possessions a comb the rust coloured hair left on his skull and then humming in her eyes began carefully to part it.” This shows that she loves him as she always will take care of him even on his death bed. When the poet said she parted his hair carefully it shows that she loved him because she did it delicately so that she did not hurt him, as if she was treating him as if he was still a little baby. When it says “hair left on his skull” It shows that he is going to die and she is making him look nicer for death so that he will always look nice in her mind, because she will always remember him from this moment. In the three poems I have chosen, “A Mother in a Refugee Camp” and “Remember” are based on real true love either for a friend, a partner or a child. Whereas the contrast poem “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” is all about how the knight sees the relationship as true love and that they were meant to be, the woman sees the relationship as a joke and that she doesn’t really love him, she only did it to kill the knight. Unfortunately all the poems end with the death of one of the…show more content…
The mother cares so much about her son that she does not want him to see her getting upset in his final days. “She held a ghost smile between her teeth, and in her eyes memories.” When it says ghost smile it shows that she does not want to show her child that she is upset about the situation of his death, because as you know children do not like it when they see their mother upset. Also when it says the memories in her eyes it refers to the flashbacks of the good times they had together presumably before they got put in the refugee camp. This is therefore another reason for her to be hiding her
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