The Illustrated Man Book Vs Movie Analysis

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“Now, now, wait a minute. Hold on. Don’t be rash. Let’s talk this over! Good-by, Braling. Braling stiffened. What do you mean ‘good-by’?” Marionettes incorporated is a short tale in the Illustrated Man written and published in 1948. This story was also the topic of his first episode of his Ray Bradbury Theater. The novel and motion picture have similar concepts and characters. Comparing the movie to the book, the reader realizes that many scenes were added to the television episode. Although the book and movie were alike in some ways, the book was less complicated and easier to understand. In my opinion, the movie differences were most likely due to the adaptation of the story to television. Ray Bradbury Published and presented an intriguing…show more content…
In both short tales the actors and individuals have the same personalities and general lifestyles. The two narratives both have similar main events. Braling wants to have freedom from his obsessive wife and decides to get a clone of himself. The conclusion of both stories ended with Braling II confessing his love for Marjorie. He then angrily locks Braling into his box and carried on his life as the real man. Overall, the novel and television episode are written with comparable details about the characters, plot, and ending. Even though the movie and book had similar main events, the episode had many added scenes. In the movie Braling hadn’t bought the Marionette and was receiving black business cards at public accommodations. He also visited Marionette Head Quarters in the motion picture while, the book never told the reader anything about the man behind the clones. Braling II costs ten thousand dollars in the text and in the movie the puppet costs every cent in your bank account, twenty-five thousand dollars. Altogether, in Marionettes incorporated I have noticed that Ray Bradbury added many details between the movie and…show more content…
The chapter starts out on the way home from a bar, discussing their problems with their obnoxious wives. In the movie, Braling starts out in a kitchen listening to his overprotective other half, getting ready for work. After, Smith checks his bank account and sees money missing. IN the book Smith is simpler and kind about the missing cash. In the movie, Smith is yelling harshly to his wife, trying to get her to awaken. In both tales, Nettie turns out to be a Marionette herself. The scene ad movie switch to Braling’s half of the story. In the book Braling is explaining his need to get out of his box with pursuing the real Braling to let him explore the world. In the episode he abruptly fights for his spot to stay
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