Beauty And The Beast Aladdin Character Analysis

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Released in 1992, Aladdin is the first Disney prince to have the title of the film named after him, which is a major step in the image of masculinity represented in Disney movies. The story of Aladdin continues to convey the message which was imprinted in the Beauty and the Beast about the subordinate position of physical traits over the dominant personality characteristics. The movie starts with the story about the lamp and the narrator suggests that “like many other things, it 's not what 's outside but what 's inside that matters.“ The speculated concerns about who is really the center of the story in Beauty and the Beast (Davis, 2013, 157), is now completely unambiguous. Aladdin is the only character in the movie who seeks to reveal his…show more content…
Li-Vollmer 's and LaPointe 's description of Jafar 's exterior states: “Jafar ... wears along gown with a nipped waist and sleeves that billow above the elbow and fit closely along the forearm to reveal his very slender lower arms and wrists. The pronounced ornamentation on the shouders of his gown only direct more attention to the artifice of broad shoulders, not the true broad physique of a real man. All the other men, including the Sultan and other high-ranking characters, wear pants.“ (qtd. in Putnam, 156) The subtle difference between male villains and male heroes expressed by make-up and clothes, is what is associating evil characters with femaleness. In addition, his actions are also feminized. He is pluming, meticulous, and not interested in adventures, indicating his lack of interest in adventures which is connected to maleness. His lack of interest towards the opposite sex further suggests his transgendered character. He pursuits Jasmine only after his male sidekick, Iago, suggests that it is a means to become Sultan. The motivation to do so is not to procure Jasmine 's love but to gain power and feed his obsession. (ibid., 2013,

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