The Immigrant Family In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

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Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” tells the story of Jurgis Rudkus and his immigrant family. In his homeland of Lithuania, Jurgis meets his love, Ona. However, he is denied marriage to her Sometime later, Jurgis tries again to seek her hand, but fins out Ona’s father has died and her family is in debt. Along with his father, Antanas, and Ona’s family: Teta Elzbieta, Marija, Jonas, and six children, Jurgis moves to America to start a new life. They arrive in New York, and soon travel to Chicago. They soon meet a friend of Jonas, who assists them and helps them find a place to stay. They tour Packingtown, a place where sanitation is horrible and the government blatantly ignores its conditions and practices. On his journey from work one day, Jurgis notices an ad for a house and takes it home. Marija and Teta Elzbieta soon visit the real estate agent to buy the home. They agree to pay $300 down and an additional $12…show more content…
However, a man soon approaches him and offers him a job, but Antanas has to give him 1/3 of all of his wages. Tamoszius tells Jurgis that this practice is just a part of a deeper web that goes on in business. Soon Antanas and Jurgis are both working in the meat packing factories, and discover the truly disgusting practices of these establishments. Around the same time, the family learn that their house is a swindle and they are paying interest in addition to their monthly payment. Soon Ona and Stanislova get jobs, with Stanislova getting a job canning lard and Ona sewing cover on ham. Both jobs were acquired on questionable terms. Finally, Jurgis and Ana get married, which of course puts them into debt, but Jurgis tried his best to protect Ona. The places they worked were clearly hazardous and Antanas soon became very sick from the many chemicals and unsafe air he was exposed to. He died, and due to the family’s financial circumstances, didn’t receive a proper
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