The Immigration System

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Education is important and the people should be given the opportunity to achieve their dream and goal for a successful future. I agree with the democrats that the government will help ensure that children and adults receive an education beneficial to their lives. Education should be a challenge for the students to enhance learning. In schools, the number of dropout students have been increasing and the government along with schools should address this situation and solve it. Teachers are important when it comes to education and they should receive credit. Universities should not lower their cost since that 's their way of getting money for the school. Federal aid should be granted to students with low income to their homes. Democrats believe…show more content…
Immigration has been a conflict between the two parties since they both have different perspectives for solutions. The immigration system is broken and should be fixed and improved to make it more durable. For an immigrant to become a resident they should have a clean criminal background, pay their taxes on time, obey the law and learn english. All these requisites should be accomplished since it is that the government expects from any citizen. English is a requirement to live in America to be able to communicate with employers and co-workers. Republicans want immigrants to go back to their home country and not come back. People that stayed in the United States more than granted by visa should be forced back. Immigrants are expected to go voluntary but will be enforced is reuses. Immigration is a conflict going for a long time and causes tension between republicans and democrats. Children that came to the united states as children should have the opportunity to achieve their dream of having an education a career. Immigrants that want pursue in their education should be able to achieve their dream of studying and having a career. I agree with the DREAM ACT. Young adults should have the opportunity of becoming legal residents and later becoming a citizen. This small act can change can change history and improve government. in the immigration system has separated families and left many people without jobs.I agree that immigrants should be allowed to become residents and later…show more content…
Republicans reject same-sex marriage and that where a find myself disagreeing. In the end it 's the decision of the person and he government should have no reason to get in the lives of the citizens. Yes, this contradicts what the constitutions has written but people should be able to express their feeling in their own manner. States shouldn’t be neglecting same-sex marriage and discriminating the citizens. Recently congress passed a law allowing same-sex marriage couples to be married and respected for their decision. Government has no right for interference and should mind their own business. Religions is a main concept when dealing with same-sex marriage but doesn’t this fall under the category if freedom of religion. The republican follow the constitution and believe marriage should be between one and man and woman. They are grateful of the citizens and states that have been following their
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