'The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks'

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Non fiction novels are great ways to make people aware of real life issues that happen everyday. People face poverty issues, racial issues, and environmental issues everyday of their life and are affected more than others. For example the environment is affected because of the different things people do in their everyday lives, like things that deal with fossil fuels and gas. Another example is race and how people are treated because of their specific race or religion. Issues like these are happening all around the world and most likely can be found in a nearby non-fiction novel. In the novel The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a black cervical cancer victim is used to make a cell line that will be used in scientific experimentation. Henrietta…show more content…
In the novel The Other Wes Moore: One Name Two Fates both characters faced a lot of the same issues, the way they handled these issues was up to them. Whether they were going to join a gain or a school academics club. Both of the Wes ' lived in poverty and witnessed firsthand drug and alcohol abuse. "I realized just how similar the challenges the young boys here and like the ones I grew up with faced. In both places, young men go through the daily struggle trying to navigate their way through the deadly streets, poverty,…" (Moore 170). This is a quote from a novel written by the successful Wes Moore "Wes 1", where he talks about the similarities between him and the other Wes Moore. Unfortunately for Wes 2, he turned down the wrong path and was involved with drug abuse and violence. This could have something to do with the fact that his father was present, but neither was Wes Moore 's. The only difference was the reasoning behind why their fathers were absent. "Your father wasn’t there because he couldn’t be, my father wasn’t there because he chose not to be" (Moore 1). Because the other Wes Moore 's father chose not to be in his life it affected him differently than Wes 1. Along with his father not being present, his mother wasn 't such a big influence unlike Wes 1. Wes Moore had a better relationship with his mother than the other Wes. If it wasn 't for his mother Wes 1 would have ended up just like the other Wes Moore. Involved with drug abuse, violence, and…show more content…
An issues that both Wes Moore 's dealt with was poverty, and living in a neighborhood where people are most likely to grow up drug addicts, on the streets, or in jail. "…people are already living in poverty when they start doing drugs. Large cities with many low income residents are the most often plagued with drug abuse" (Seacliff). This quote explains that being surrounded by drug abuse can cause drug addictions, and along with drug abuse comes poverty. Even though both Wes Moore 's mothers weren 't addicted to drugs, they still lived in poverty. Poverty doesn 't necessarily have to be because of drugs, there are other causes like low income jobs. "…people find themselves in tough financial circumstances because of their own actions, because of the actions of other people in their family, or because of factors beyond their control" (Seacliff). This quote explains that a lot of the time being in poverty isn 't something that you can control. The other Wes Moore has had experiences with substance abuse and drug dealing, both of these are reasons why he was sent to jail. "Drugs can be really easy to get out into the streets and young adults in in poverty surrounded by substance abusers and dealers" (Seacliff). Both Wes 's were surrounded by drug dealers and addicts, but the other Wes Moore took a wrong turn and it changed his life tremendously. Wes 1 decided to stay away from the streets and focus on life, and that landed him

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