Immortals Of Meluha Character Analysis

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“Worship of a hero is transcendent admiration of a great man”1(14). Amish’s fictional faculty makes our legendry divinity alive in the pages of The Immortals of Meluha. Shiva, the hero, the protagonist of the novel is “A man who rose to become godlike because of his karma”2(xv). He is a blend of wit and bravery; an unmatched swordsman with cutting edges of intelligence and honest behavior. Godliness including childlike innocence, unraveled sacrificing spirit to save children, women and downtrodden is natural to him. For Shiva, his tribe comes first if he deserves a good destiny beyond the high mountains. Shiva’s heroic deeds expand three volumes of the Shiva Trilogy. The present paper takes into account only the first one, The Immortal of Meluha. Shiva, an untiring robust young man in the personal appearance of an ascetic has a stature of an epic hero. “An epic hero is larger than life, a figure from a history or legend, usually favored by or even partially descended from deities, but aligned more closely with mortal figures in popular portrayals”4. The hero embarks on a cyclical journey or quest, faces adversaries, who try to defeat him in his journey, gathers allies along his journey, and returns home significantly…show more content…
His journey from ordinary Shiva to Mahadev, the God of gods is the result of his sublime thoughts and heroic deeds. Hero-worship is “heartfelt prostrate admiration, submission, burning, boundless, for a noblest godlike form of a man”1 (5). Hero-worship is “the basis of religion, Loyalty and Religion. Hero not the ‘creature of time’: Hero-worship indestructible”1(191). Shiva’s heroic deeds reward him immortality in the world of mortals. Immortality is attributed to those who practice the human values and high ideals in life due to their super egoistic psychological constitution. It is neither easy nor “our natural birth right, a thing to which we are entitled but a prize to be
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