AIDS Epidemic In South Africa

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AIDS is a deadly virus which infects a large population around the globe. This virus affects the cellular system of the body which affects the healing ability of the body for the infections and injuries. This is a man made disease or virus, which was debated by every nation that who created it and why? Though, this could be to achieve any national interest or highly secret motive. In this report on the comparison of the bodies which are active in the AIDS campaign and whose presence affects the AIDS epidemics and the budgets of overcoming the AIDS around the globe. I have chosen two organizations, firstly ‘The Government of USA’, and for countering their stance with ‘The Government of Republic of South Africa’. The debate and the repots incorporate the both sides point of view with their spending on the AIDS epidemic control and media campaign, support of the affected, the benefits delivered by both the parties to the affected, and the affect of their presence.…show more content…
The country is under the way of having an effective and efficient policy and procedures to fight AIDS, and the South African government and the influential leaders are under the transition of having it…show more content…
It is economically strongest country in the African continent, and could bear the drug and procedures cost easily, unless Botswana which also have very high number of AIDS victims even more than the USA. The son of Nelson Mandela also died of the AIDS disease. In South Africa, the whites are provided with private health services mostly, while the blacks rely mostly on the public sector health services which are marked by poorly managed and deprived services.
According to the publication on the, the South Africa has the largest ‘anti-retroviral’ treatment program campaign across globe. The country mostly used its own resources to fight for this deadly disease, and helped in increasing the life expectancy by five years. On average the country spends about $1 billion per year for the HIV/AIDS program. It also faces the a great level of the homosexual violence and social stigma with conflicting style. The HIV positive woman to men ratio is higher.
According to Jackson (2012)), the divergent group of AIDS experts affects eh policy. Due to the AIDS epidemics there is scarcity of employment opportunity, and for this the males to travel and join the promising the area, and the women were also being force them to do

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