The Impact Of Advertisement On Consumer Behavior

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Kotwal et al.(2008) found that TV advertisement leaves a great impact on buying and eating decision of the people. Advertisers introduce the more innovating ideas of living through advertisement. These new ideas convince people to adopt new styles of living. Because youth give a lot of attention to TV advertisements so the products shown in advertisement are most reliable to them. Research suggest that people see TV advertising as Just another form of programming and they react uncritically to its message, which makes them vulnerable to advertising. There is also concern about the way in which people respond to advertising.

Zahid Mahmood (2016) stated that advertisement plays an essential role to change the consumer behavior towards a specific brand. Advertisement reminds its impact on consumers mind which attract to buy that particular product. The research shows that there is positive impact of emotional response on consumers buying behavior while environmental response significantly and negatively affect the consumer behavior. Research suggest that by studying the psychological behavior of consumers the buying behavior of consumers can be studied.

Farisa Ghazal (2016) stress that advertisement have significant impact on consumer buying behavior and widen their choices. It is very positive sign for the advertising companies that their advertisements are changing and the shifting the consumer behavior towards their products.The

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