The Impact Of Advertising On People's Unhealthy Eating Habits

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Nowadays, critics have never stopped complaining about the side effects from the explosion of advertisements in modern society. Among the endless accusations, there is one controversial issue regarding the impact of advertising on people’s unhealthy eating habits. But if you think it twice, you might find out that comparing with other sources of negative influences, advertising only plays a small role. The eating habits are formed on the basis of many complicated factors. Therefore, it is rash to consider it a major cause of those unhealthy eating habits.
To illustrate, one of the biggest contributors to unhealthy eating habits is the confusion of determine what’s healthy food. A lot of people gets health tips from many sources like newspaper, website, radio and so on. With so many information from so many sources, it’s easy to let people get fuzzy about which source to believe in. A new survey suggests that most American are confused about what count as a healthy food choice. About eight in 10 survey respondents said they have found conflicting information about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid -- and more than half of them said the conflicting information has them second-guessing the choices they make, according to the International Food Information Council Foundation 's annual Food and Health survey.(Howard) If people can’t find the right food to eat, which makes it even harder to correct their bad eating habits, they may stick to eat the unhealthy food in a
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