The Impact Of Ageism In Sports

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Both age and ability are important when we talk about sports because for many it 's a measuring stick for whether the person will be successful in sports. Unfortunately, both of these issues have created excuses for teams not to retain a player or allow them the opportunity to try out. Ageism is a bad stereotype that has run rampant in the sports industry these days. “According to the textbook it’s an evaluative perspective that favors one age group usually younger people over others and justifies discrimination against particular age groups that are assumed to be incapable of participation (Coakley, 2017, p. 294). A prime example of this is when the Dallas Cowboys drafted Dak Prescott to replace often-injured 38-year-old veteran quarterback Tony Romo. This forced him to change career paths and mindset. This is a difficult transition, but athletes go through this on a daily basis because they are past up my younger more talented athletes at the time. Another reason age is important when it comes to sports is “according to the textbook the baby boomer generation has until recently been the largest age- based segment in the United States. Additionally because this generation have more resources and feel healthier than many others age segregated sports were created. Generating more opportunities for older people to share age-related experience and for others to avoid sports with younger people and their opinions” (Coakley, 2017, p. 298-299). I think this is
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