The Impact Of Bluetooth Technology

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In our world today, it can be said that technology has made a revolutionary change

impacting both young and old. It can being seen that technology has been seemingly grasped

more by young persons and it also that it has negative and positive impacts on our society.

According to Merriam-Webster, technology is an application of knowledge to the practical aims

of human life or to changing and manipulating the human environment. Technology includes the

use of materials, tools, techniques, and sources of power to make life easier or more pleasant and

work more productive. Whereas science is concerned with how and why things happen,

technology focuses on making things happen. There are several types of technologies available

in today’s
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This essay will

be focusing on Bluetooth technology.

According to Fast Facts Bluetooth technology is the global wireless standard enabling,

convenient, secure connectivity for an expanding range of devices and service s. It is an essential

element for bringing everyday objects into the connected world. In 1994 Ericsson, a Swedish

company, the world's leading provider of communications technology and services, created a
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A Bluetooth Smart

Ready product connects to both classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart low energy products. A

tiny battery can keep a Bluetooth Smart product running for months or years when collecting


Amelia Jenkins stated that in recent years, Bluetooth technology has seen a rapid

expansion of Bluetooth-capable devices, such as; Bluetooth headsets this is the most commonly

known Bluetooth device for phones which allows you to make and receive calls on your mobile

phone without the use of your hands or wires. Stereo headset is a wireless headset use to connect

to any Bluetooth-equipped music player, allowing you to hear your music within a short range of

your player device. In-Car Bluetooth System allows you to connect your Bluetooth-enabled

mobile phone to your vehicle’s sound system in order for you to make and receive calls through

your vehicle's speaker system, without having to use your mobile device. Bluetooth-equipped

printer can receive text documents and pictures from any Bluetooth-equipped device, such as a

laptop or PDA, and print the data, without the use of wires. Bluetooth keyboard works

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