The Impact Of Catfishing

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Throughout the last century, humanity has been fascinated by the possibilities of technology shaping a better future. The fact that technology has always represented the future and the unknown gives society the ability to continue to project our own ideas of what can be created. Through technological advances, we cannot predict the future world, but we can allow people to make themselves feel part of something bigger, no matter where they are. The concept of Catfishing is when the online world creates users to be able to create a ‘disembodied and electronically re-embodied through the signs they choose to represent themselves’ (Citation) . A cat-fish is a person who represents themselves with a false identity to pursue usual a romantic relationship,…show more content…
Social networking creates a system of ideas for variations of groups to interact. This interaction leads people to share more personal information than just basic information. The effect of new media and social networking on personal interactions has impacted communications by creating various media ideologies through communicating over social media, one must look into different types of ideologies to understand the impact they have had on society. The use of social media has become global and widely used, to the extent the use of a social media grants simple access to so many more websites. This has caused many people to be unaware of how information is being disseminated and collected through using information about their online behavior and…show more content…
Many people use social media to discover and gather personal information about friends, acquaintances, and even strangers (pictures, likes, relationship status, political views, friends, locations, personal preferences and more).It is the free will of an individual to decide how much information he or she are willing to share on social media outlets. Many people, myself included, are concerned with the difficulty to protect privacy. Maintaining the confidentiality of information and preventing others from misusing it in ways that are beneficial to them is very important online interactions. The use of social media is creating a society unable to maintain personal confidentiality. The question that comes to my mind is there are people better off interacting amongst themselves knowing that an individual’s public and private figure are available online. The value of confidentiality comes into question by the extent of private information shared. (Gershon "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover." The Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over New
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