The Impact Of Cell Phones On Communication

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Cellphones is also known as cellular phone; it is a transportable telephone that sends and receives radio signals through a network. Cellphone has a huge impact on people because it plays a major role in our daily communication; especially it helps us connect to other people easier. It gives us a chance of having access to different ability like keeping in touch with our family members, businesses relationships and more while we are in different places. However before the use of cell phone, people had desperate needs of mobile communication, so they had installed radiotelephones in their car. It was not effective and inconvenient to use, the main reason was the size, which was too big, and the use of phone was limited because it requires a powerful transmitter. After a long period of development, the first cellphone was invented in 1973. Although they had minimize the shape and made huge changes to a variety of parts in the phone, there were still problems that affect the use of cellphone and it requires science to improve in order to make it more effective. The main problem is the distance limitation that reduces the ability of communication. People weren’t able to communicate with each other in a long range or distance, which is very disturbing for the users. If this problem is solved, communication will become more effective and convenient, it will have more will have a higher impact on people. Apart from that, it helps bring the world together by improving our socialize
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