The Impact Of Christianity And Its Impact On The Roman Society

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Throughout ancient history, having the title “Roman” brought great pride and joy to people. The peace, unity, stability and safeness they felt was what made a Roman citizen feel power. Religion also plays a huge role within the society because it was what governed the people’s thoughts and environment. The Romans relied on a pox deorum relationship with the gods, which was based on Romans keeping the gods happy so that they can in return be blessed (Messner 1-22-2018). However, there are new religions and new gods being brought up quite frequently. A specific religion is christianity. Christianity was very unlike other religions, particularly because of their monotheistic views. Christians were seen as threat to the Romans at this time prior to around 381, which is around when Christianity became a common religion. Although Christians were good citizens, and people who wanted to follow Jesus, they were constantly impacted by aspects of the Roman culture. The Roman history, pertaining to the way people worshiped, the philosophy and the music all had a significant impact on the Christian church. To begin with, In most ways, I would say that the society significantly impacted them to abandon the pagan lifestyle. Although they adapted and adopted, Christian views and customs were very different from Roman society. A key example is the way in which Christians worshiped God and not the gods. Romans heavily relied on their gods, because they believed that their gods were their
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