The Impact Of Climate Change On Canadian Culture

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Canada’s climate impacts the culture because if you live in the northern part of the United States but the southern part of Canada the weather affects the ability to farm. Crops are sensitive to climate and land conditions. The cold climate prevents certain crops from growing well. Science will help you understand the facts of climate change, but what can culture do? “Science will tell you that temperatures are increasing, the sea level is rising and the soil is melting”. Any science expert will tell you that there are already more than 25 million environmental refugees, “people who are moving away from drying wells and failed crops”. “One-sixth of the world’s population gets its water from melting snow and ice, and scientists predict that such sources will not be there in the years to…show more content…
Scientists will demonstrate how climate change threatens the existence of the ecosystem and the life of people who depend on agriculture, and “warn that in some countries, climate change is viewed as a potential war issue”, which might transform into a global security issue eventually science will offer you the facts, but we need more than facts to take action. What we decide to do will depend on what we think is right after considering the facts, including what we think of social justice, the way we understand the responsibility of our actions, and our personal views on what you value. These are moral and ethical questions. There are also specific ‘cultural questions’ that need to be addressed when considering the challenges of climate change. Culture relates profoundly to the human dimensions of climate change. The notion of the culture in such a context can be defined as ‘the common way in which a community of people make sense of the world. Some other things that can impact the economy

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