The Impact Of College Students On Community College

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What affects college students will affect community colleges. Since more than 40% of undergraduates attend community colleges; students’ challenges will spill over into the milieu of these institutions (Bailey, Jaggars, & Jenkins, 2015; Mellow, 2017). Hence political trends affect the typical community college student. Therefore, new politics must include education as a vital component if democracy is to survive. The continuance of democracy for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) and dual enrollment students offers opportunities through community colleges for students to experience access to education. These young students represent the poor, ethnically minority, and low-income families that are denied an opportunity in an already frail social order (Boggs, & McPhail, 2016; Giroux, 2015). Thus, DACA and dual enrollment students are two specialized group of students that are current trends within the political lenses of higher education. First, DACA college students have become an emerging issue since Donald Trump’s presidential campaign (AASCU, 2017). Undocumented immigrants’ policies are not laws; therefore, their residency can end by a new administration (Mangan, 2017). The issues that these students’ parents faced in their native countries will be widespread in America as democracy fails individuals coming to America for an opportunity to have a better life. Consequently, The American Association of Community Colleges is among supporters of the Dream Act

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