The Impact Of Counterfeiting

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Counterfeiting affects manufacturers in many ways, it is therefore as a results in the erosion of genuine brands, loss of sales and market share, the closure of production facilities and unfair competition from counterfeit goods, (Kenya Association of Manufactures: Policy briefing). This is because traders in counterfeit products do not pay taxes as opposed to genuine business people. Their goods will normally bypass the systems and those that are in the scheme of counterfeiting will benefit. Hanzaee, K. H. and Saeed, J. (2012) indicates that counterfeits are often at a lower price, the expectation of quality would not be equivalent to that of the genuine article. As long as the basic functional requirements have met or the visibility and symbolic value has attained, consumers will be gratified.…show more content…
This chapter aim to provide a clear understating of counterfeit and historical background. The analysis will be outlined entire counterfeit industry and key driver of such behaviours of counterfeiting either be the manufactures, consumers and supplier as well as the environment or area that promote and encourage counterfeiting. Therefore in the conclusion this chapter will outline the impact of counterfeit in the whole Western Cape

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