The Impact Of Cruise Tourism

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Cruise tourism is one of the largest components in tourism industry and also one of the fastest growing industry in the world. It has generating revenue and creating job opportunities in many country. The growth rate of cruise tourism has been almost twice the average rate of traditional land-based tourism. Cruise tourism has provide few real jobs and business opportunities for local resident. The impact of cruise tourism on a location are not only positive but also has its negative. The cruise industry has been experiencing an important expansion in past 20 years. Cruises tourism are popular in the United States and in 2007, 10 million Americans took a cruise vacation representing 76 % of the total cruise passengers of the World and is expected 51 million of them cruising in the next there years (CLIA, 2008). Nowadays, there are about 300 liners sailing the world 's seas, with further 35 ships scheduled to join the global fleet over the next four years representing investments over U$D 20 billion. The cruise tourism is one of the popular tourism activities and uses natural environment as a key product. Around the world, there are few popular tourist destination are faced with increasing devastation of their natural resources and exploitation of native culture. However, the increase of number of tourism doesn 't help the local economies to achieve a sufficient portion of financial gain. As research, the cruise tourism will continue growing in next future. As the size of

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