The Impact Of Digital Technology On Art

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What is the impact of the use of apps and softwares on the craft of drawing and painting?

Does apps and softwares changed art, and how?, if it has, for good or for bad?, in the last 50 decades technologies had grown on an exponential way, many artists had been influenced by this and as a result, digital art was created and specialized at the point that today almost every photo on the media is “photoshopped” or modified and there are also many artist “painting” on computers and tablets exposing their art on art galleries.

The first source presented it is a brief summary of the history of computer art (V&M), in this source we can appreciate the history of computer art from the 1950 decade until today. in the 1950 decade digital art was created,
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The third source, named “The impact of digital technology on art and artist” (Mohamed Zaher), the main focus of this article is to contrast how art is being affected negatively by digital technology.
Today's digital artists have trouble with their creativity and imagination and as a getaway they are using predefined tools and filters, so anyone can create masterpieces by mere chance, “Artists today find it more challenging than ever to present original and innovative ideas, and they need to exert themselves and stretch their imagination to succeed”, the author (Mohamed zaher) stress this sentence “The flame of creativity dies out and the tide of inspirational revelation recedes and the building blocks of imagination freeze at the bottom of the artist’s psyche, as they gradually transform into a shallow abstract translation of a constellation of enormous technological capabilities, devoid of any creative
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Finally the fourth source (video) it is a portrait of a Digital Artist (William Low) in which it is explained how does a digital artist work and which tools they need.
William Low is a painter and illustrator for children's books, he had worked for 25 years painting, half of them with different types of paint and the other half on a computer. The principal tools for a digital artist is a wacom tablet, this is a tablet with a special pencil that let you paint in digital paintings and images with different brushes with pressure sensitivity, the main program used for editing the painting is Photoshop and in the case of William Low it is also the painting program.

Concluding, yes, apps and softwares had changed art, and in my opinion for good, because now art it is accessible for everybody and everybody can appreciate it by the internet, in fact, computer art is being used since the 1980 decade for special effects in movies, games and videos and in my opinion it has worked very well, computer art even had an impact on promoting and many other
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