The Impact Of European Imperialism In Africa

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After the Berlin Conference on Africa in 1884 to 1885, various European countries competed to colonize land in Africa. Many countries were represented in the conference, but the ones with higher power were France, Germany, Portugal, and Britain since they controlled most of Africa during that time, evened so, there was no representation of Africa. In order to not cause conflict, the Europeans wanted to divide Africa among themselves. This "Scramble for Africa" change Africa drastically because European gained control of many of their resources and land. The fate of Africa was in the European hands! As a result, Africans had a wide range of actions and reactions towards European imperialism. Some Africans tried to resist by using diplomacy that aimed to maintain peace with the Europeans. In other cases, some fled the European imperialism and others decided to fight back in a violent way.
To begin with, many Africans did not want to engage in violence with Europeans instead they used diplomacy. For example, in documents 1, 2, and 3 they all want to resolve the problems peacefully by making agreements with the Europeans. In document 1, the British government convinced a couple of African rulers to sign the Royal Niger Company form in 1886 to turn over their land because they want to control the Niger River and the areas around it. Through this standard form, Britain and the African rulers come to a compromise of not getting involved in any wars, and the British will give the

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