The Impact Of Family As An Agents Of Socialization

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According to Luis Aguiar, many individuals, groups, and institutions can act as agents of socialization and the list varies from person to person. Socialization occurs throughout our life but most of it occurs after we are born, but the following seven in particular are thought to hold sway when it comes to socialization:
• Peer group
• Neighborhood/community
• School
• Mass media
• The legal system
• Culture generally
The impact of each of these agents is severely contested, both in the sociological literature and in the day to day conversation of people in the society. These groups influence a person’s social and self-development.
It is the first agent of socialization. Family is considered as the most important agent of socialization. For instance, as an infant, we are completely dependent on our parents to survive. They are responsible for teaching us to look after ourselves. They along with the other family member teach us about the moral values customs beliefs and relationships. First onset of beliefs, values, and norms are transferred from our family. It is the parent’s behavior patterns which is going to influence those of their children some may inherit from genes but most of them is learned through watching. Parents are the role model of a child. They do what their parents do. Mother has the most significant role in shaping a child’s behavior specially in in the initial stages. Good moral values are cultivated in a person through his/her family.

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