The Impact Of Galileo: The Father Of Modern Science

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Kira Farmer AP11 Research Paper 3.19.2015 Galileo: The Father of Modern Science Every day, students, teachers, doctors, and scientists ponder the great minds of the past with respect. Perhaps one would consider Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Archimedes, Nikola Tesla, or Sir Isaac Newton. How many of today’s world population would consider Galileo Galilei to be the world’s most renowned and influential scientist in world history? Not only did Galileo invent hundreds of things society still uses today. He also put his safety, sanity, and freedom on the line so that the rest of the world and the future world could have truth. Because of Galileo, our technology has advanced greatly, allowing humankind to reach a fuller potential and discover the secrets of the universe. Galileo faced opposition at every turn and without his constant perseverance, our world would have little to no understanding of gravity and it’s affect on objects, terminal velocity, temperature, the solar system, or physics. Galileo Galilei has had the most impact on our scientific culture and our lives. Kira Farmer Tolman 11 3.16.2015 Galileo and His Influence on World History Galileo played a very important role in our world history. His inventions and modifications to existing inventions progressed society and influenced our ability to explore the universe. Galileo’s first fifteen years of life were spent in an abbey. He had trained to become a monk and

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