Gender Inequality In Education Essay

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Gender inequality is a trait deeply rooted in traditional values and norms of societies, promoted from a very early age on through the subconscious imposition of different behavioral expectations for boys and girls. It is a fact acknowledged by the EU as well as the ASEAN nations that gender parity has numerous positive effects in all areas of life, including economics, peacebuilding, politics as well as social work and the upbringing of children. Nonetheless, still significant deficiencies in all of these areas are recognized. One of the most prominent reasons for this is named to be sexism, which not only directly correlates with gendered realities, but is “still both real and trivialized” (London School of Economics, 2015). In order to evolve the ingrained societal origins of gender inequality, it is decisive to undertake affirmative actions, based on the concept of gender sensitivity, from early education onwards.…show more content…
This mechanism promises to lead to a modification of behavior at all levels of society, referred to as ‘gender sensitization’, and is fundamentally connected with ‘gender empowerment’, which involves both males and females. Gender equality in education is something that has been vigorously advocated for over the past decade. Much of the focus, however, has been on equal access to education as opposed to achieving equality within the education system. While acknowledging that gender equity is also crucial, in that in some countries, like the Philippines, boys are at a disadvantage over girls by being more likely forced to drop out of school (Joseph, H.U, 2011), this sub-chapter will focus on gender equality. Policy

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