The Impact Of Globalization And Gender Equality

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Each society possesses distinctive culture that varies from each other, yet has commonalities, as well. Patriarchy long has been one of such common features, and is still so in many states. It is the male, especially fathers, rule, while the opposite gender is expected to be submissive (Sultana, 2010). Over time, the level of patriarchy has mitigated, especially following the women feminist movements, exclusively in the West, and the situation of gender equality has improved (Evelyn and Adedayo, 2014). It is essential to convey these western ideas everywhere, as they are most humanist and just, so far. So, the issue is whether the spread of those ideas by globalization has improved the gender equality. Whether the globalization influences the gender equality, in what direction the change happens, and how the globalization affects the gender equality on employment are the main subjects to review for the purpose of ensuring the relationship between the variables. The literature used for the review covers different regions, yet the majority are the case studies from the developing states, where the gender equality has been worse. First of all, the changes on the human rights, particularly gender equality, due to the globalization is discernible, and it occurs through multiple means. The women’s participation on the workforce, firstly, has improved significantly now. Gauchat et al. (2012) explain it with the fact that the effects of the economic and political liberalization are

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