The Impact Of Globalization And Its Effects On The Environment

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Globalization refers to the process of interaction and integration among people, organizations and governments of different countries, a process driven by human innovation and technological progress, making international trade and investment easier and faster to complete. Ōmae (1990, 1995) suggests that globalization is all positive impacts. While many claim that globalization will expand economic opulence (Bryan and Farrell, 1996; Thurow, 1999); others argue that lives and standard of living will improve, especially in the form of health care and technological access (Wildavsky, 1995); and a few others conclude that it will encourage cultural exchange (Friedman, 2000). Although there have been concerns regarding the damage globalization have on our environment, several analysts counter that our environment will benefit as new technology eliminates pollution produced by current technologies in the industrial era (Brown, 2001; Flavin and Lenssen, 1994) In spite of the fact that Globalization has an effect on our world economically, socially and environmentally (Vazques-Brust, 2015), globalization is substantially economic globalization; therefore economics plays the leading role. Other aspects of globalization are the result of the impact of economic globalization or are derived from economic globalization (Van Cap, 2002). Population change, natural resources endowments, and cultural traditions are other important drivers of growth (Jones, 1998).

Over the past 60 years,
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