The Impact Of Globalization And Technology On Corporation's Performance

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From the past few decades, globalization has become a challenging debate around the globe. On the other hand, technological advancement has changed the way people used to work in almost every area of the businesses. Therefore, keeping into account the impact of globalization and technology on firm’s performance, many organizations now adapt these new phenomena. This reports aims to analyze the impact of both globalization and technology on corporation’s performances. In order to analyze, McDonalds is selected. Moreover, this report covers the impact of stakeholder and firm’s objectives on its overall performance.
A U.S. based corporation, McDonalds is the globalized leading food chain of the world which was established in 1940. Today, operating with 35000 different outlets in more than 100 countries of the world, the company serves almost 70 million customers on daily basis.
Impact of Globalization and Technology Figure 1: Diversified Product Portfolio of McDonald
Globalization has created many opportunities for McDonald in many different forms including the creation of fast food culture in many part of the world. According to a survey, almost 40 percent American food are consumed outside the country, which allows McDonalds to cater the target market of around 70 million consumers regularly. However, in America, after the introduction of McDonald, almost one fourth of the people of America dine out in fast food restaurant on daily basis (Duffey,

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