The Impact Of Globalization In China

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The process of globalization, and its impact on economic growth have become the defining influence on the development of modern China. China 's integration into the global economic system has been a multifaceted and complex process, and one that China appears exceptionally eager to embrace. Encompassing domestic policy shifts, engagement with both global and regional institutions, as well as bilateral agreements with various countries, globalization has been an impressively orchestrated process initiated by the very top of the CCP. While advocates of globalization tout the growth of China as proof of its merits, analyzing the actual effects on the ground reveals a much more nuanced reality. Globalization has undoubtedly brought China more wealth and power, but it has also generated a host of other effects, both positive and negative. First and foremost, one must acknowledge the plainly visible fact that the Chinese economy has grown exponentially since the process of integration into the global economic system began. China 's comparative advantages, particularly in the labor sector, has transformed it into the second largest recipient of FDI in the world.1 Over the course of the last 20 years, exports have grown approximately 17.1 percent per year.2 This ultimate result of this investment and trade has been an overall growth rate 8 percent per annum,3 which would have been completely unattainable without the country 's engagement in globalization. Foreign investments have

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