The Impact Of Globalization In Vietnam

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To examine the impact of globalization brought to work and employment, it is undeniably that working environment become vacillated since employment not only rely on domestic factors anymore but also involved multinational corporation (MNC) factors which initiated by globalization. Therefore, globalization in an important key concept before understand the issue. The view of Sanders and Sernau (1994) suggested that in traditional societies, gathering and hunting were mainly how the societies operated. Afterward, industrialization replaced the traditional production mode, and changed into mass production. Modern societies appeared because of industrialization. Along with the technology development and rapid economic development, global societies…show more content…
It is said that the impact of globalization in Vietnam had a significant increase in exports and positive effect on employment, but negative effect on imports because of the competition brought by foreign competition (Jenkins 2014). Vietnam showed how globalization influenced their own economy to integrate worldwide. The unemployment rate was approximated 6% in last 15 years and the GDP of Vietnam was approximated 170 billion U.S. dollars. The economic scale showed that Vietnam is still a developing country and have a relatively weak economic environment compare to the developed country United States.

Those are the fact that showed the economic scale and situation of two countries. Two countries may seems to have a vast disparity, but two countries are closely linked because of globalization, the impacts of globalization in both developed and developing countries are distinct and mixed, some of the effects are positive and some of the effects are negative.

Impact of globalization on work and
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economy (Autor 2010). This concept is well explained of the development of advanced information and communication technologies that lead to U.S. employment structure. But it also can explain the impact of globalization brought to the world economy. Since developed countries concentrate the domestic economic activities in complex industries and services. Developing countries are focusing on the exploitation of natural resources and on activities of intense production by low-skilled workers. The processes of production are not completed in single place but separated and fragmented in different economy. For example, U.S. company Nike outsourced the production line and manufacturing work, it layoff to developing country at Vietnam in order to have less costs of

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