The Impact Of Globalization On Islam

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Islam has been under the spotlight ever since The Prophet made a public preaching at the cave of hira in front of everyone in Mecca. Ever since then, it continues being one of the religions most closely watched by everyone in the world especially with the rising globalisation and the insurgence of modern technology. These terms have often been closely related with one another, with many views contradicting one another. This paper will focus on these views as well as the impacts globalisation has on Islam with methods to overcome it.
Globalisation is no longer an unfamiliar word, as it is one of the main topics in conversations, discussions and arguments among many academics. This is due to the rapid and progressive changes brought by globalisation that always create intense debates with views ranging from the view of economics to politics, as well as the view of culture and belief. This is where the debate of Islam vs. Globalisation comes in. With the increasing number of terrorist attacks with the intention to impose the views of radical Islam into the world, many have been led to believe that Islam and globalisation do not go together, and that Muslims are incapable of mixing the two into their life.
The Western view of Islam with opposition of rising globalisation is that Islam is a religion of oppression, as many believes it pushes away the values that come from globalisation, especially in the aspect of culture globalisation, such as feminist and liberal values. Islam

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