The Impact Of Globalization On Women

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Globalization in today’s world is playing a crucial role in different sectors of the World’s economy. An example is the recent change in the agricultural production process, which has been mainly because of low transport cost and refrigerating facilities, which has boosted the exports of more and more non-traditional crops. Furthermore another consequence of globalization is the increase in women representation of the present global work force (Mehra & Gammage, 1999).

This essay looks at these two emerging trends, and specifically looks at the impact of globalization on women’s participation in agricultural sector for developing countries, supporting from the literature that globalization has had a more negative impact on these women than empowering them.

(i) Globalization and women’s participation in the agricultural labor force:

Globalization can be explained and looked at from various perspectives. However the perspective of Globalization in this essay is the growing integration of Global markets that has been linked to “liberalization and deregulation” (Reich, 1998), through the advocacy of little governmental interference (Heintz, 2006).

The impact of Globalization on women’s participation in agriculture has been profound. As stated earlier in recent decade’s the participation of women in the workforce has increased, but figure.1 suggests that this trend doesn’t seem to hold in the agricultural sector where the percentage of women employed in agriculture of
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