The Impact Of Globalization

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Globalisation is a new, modern idea that has become a huge part of the twenty-first century. It has had a huge effect on the products we consume and the linking of culture, security, environment and ideas that are exchanged throughout the world between different countries. Globalisation causes products to expand across the globe and become more diverse and available to more people. A product that I found had obtained the effect of Globalisation is Vans runners. Vans were founded in 1966 by brothers Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren. They called it the Van Doren Rubber Company. Vans is a secondary industry which means it uses raw materials to produce something new such as runners and clothes. Various materials are needed to construct these runners such as rubber, metal, cotton, plastic and leather/canvas. Each of these items go through different stages that form them into the runners we know today. In this essay I will be talking about how globalisation has had an effect on the Vans company and how it has helped it grow. I will trace the supply chain of Vans and how it starts off as a raw material and turns into a product. In the making of this runner there is many different things to consider such as the rights of the workers, how the product is harming the environment and the societal implications. In my this essay I will talk about these issues and how they have a huge effect on the production of Vans. Globalisation Globalisation refers to the movement of organisations,

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