Disadvantages Of Public Schools

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Education as a right is a long agenda among the international community. Various human right treaties have come to confirm this and government have come to recognize knowledge as a pillar of social change and development. Global targets, goals, and strategies show recognition which has been set for the last twenty years. Compulsory, free and quality primary education is what the world‘s governments had committed to achieving by establishing the Millennium Development Goals of 2000. Many regions have set more ambitious targets. School attendance is increasingly becoming a necessary activity for children of a pre-primary age in countries like the Caribbean and Latin America (Craissati).
Why Public schools are weak
Increase in a number of children going to schools and especially through public education system has only helped in numbers but hurt in terms of quality. Public schools education systems have become negligent on quality of education offered and this is evident in
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Homeschooling is an education that is driven by the parent who chooses the curriculum, instruct and purchase. Homeschooling experience for parents is being added to many public schools across the nation. They have a choice on whether to be taught at home or homeschooled or using both. Getting an education from home while still enrolled in public school is what it means to be schooled at home. The curriculum and computer would be provided by the school, and then the student will take his/her classes at home. At this point, the parent will serve as a mentor than a teacher. The school will at the end collect the full-time equivalency for the homeschooled child. It is a parent’s choice to either homeschool but at the same time take their child for some classes for a day at the public school, the levels can be art classes or physical

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