The Impact Of Human Labor During The Industrial Revolution

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Human labor is an essential source of economic growth and the more labor contributes, the more of an economic production. During the Industrial Revolution which took place in the 18th and 19th Century which was known as the transition of new manufacturing processes, proves how factories took the full advantage of human labor and unfortunately, set aside workers rights. With this in mind, this labor force was made up of children under the age of 12 , millions of newly arrived immigrants, and a huge number of families migrating from different rural areas[some where unskilled workers] to an urban society, to see what life there can offer, and in hopes of having a job security, prosperity, and most of all, the idea of the American Dream. For this reason, as factories were being built, businesses were in need of workers, which is why people were willing to work as long as they got paid to support their families and keep in mind that factories were not always the best place to work. With this in mind, with the dream of a better life, many unskilled immigrants who migrated from different rural areas relocated to different areas to find work. Unfortunately, many of these immigrants were upset when they arrived and discovered that the truth was not as they had to believe, more specifically the working conditions were terrible and dangerous during the Industrial Revolution. As a matter of fact, workers had to work closely with powerful machines that had no safety features which was
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