The Impact Of Immigrants In Ireland

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Immigrants have shown to have had a significant impact on the economy of Ireland over the years, and more so since the economic boom of the 1990s when employers had difficulty recruiting and retaining workers. Without immigrant labour, the economic state of the country would not have begin to grow, due to the decrease of Irish labour during the boom years. Employment and education, and how these are linked to the skills of immigrants, have had an effect on Ireland as well; the more educated that immigrants are, the more likely that they will have a positive impact on the economy. At the same time, what is also the case is that with the advent of European Union shifts in labour markets, there may be fewer skilled labourers arriving in Ireland. This essay aims to analyse the key aspects of this subject and explore how shifts in the way that immigration has taken place has had a considerable influence on Ireland’s overarching economic situation. The essay will argue that the more educated that immigrants are, the more likely that they will be able to engage in the economy and increase the quality of life for the population as a whole.
Analysis of the Issue
The impact of immigrants on Ireland’s economy at the present time can be traced back to the 1990s. Prior to this time, Ireland was one of the largest emigrant centres of the world, with more people leaving than arriving [1]. The shift took place due to three factors: “dismantling of barriers to foreign trade and encouragement
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