The Impact Of Immigration In America

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Immigration is the act of coming to live in a foreign country. Immigration has changed in many ways over the past decades. Although it has changed drastically, it still remains the same in some ways. Almost all of the immigrants come here to pursue the “American Dream” and have better lives for them and their families back in their countries of origin. Whenever there is an opportunity to work they don’t think about it twice and go for it. They don’t have much focus whether they get paid much or minimum wage. As long as they can provide for their family and pay their bills, they will be more than happy. Some of these reasonings are why many Americans don’t like the Immigrants that come to the United States of America. They think that the immigrants came to the United States to take over and steal everyone 's jobs. They only focus on what they believe to be the “Bad” side of the immigrants. Another thing that many Americans don’t put much focus on is that the immigrants have helped the economy in so many ways that they don’t realize. Immigration has changed drastically over the past decades even a century ago. In 1790 the Naturalization Act was established. This Act “Excluded non-white people from eligibility to naturalize. Naturalization requirements included two years of residence in the country and “good moral character,” and an applicant must be a “free white person.” The Naturalization Act of 1795 extended the residency requirement to five years. In 1798, this was
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