The Impact Of Industrialization On America's Identity And Society

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In the nineteen fifties, the wealth and overall attitude of America seemed to be uplifted. New technology (stemming mostly from the New Deal) for people who worked in agriculture increased their productivity. Though this only applied to large farms, and small farms began to become obsolete; causing the percent of farms in America to plummet by forty percent. Though not all means of production fell. Industrialization made a killing off of the new inventions. Air hauling and electronics like television and computers, being the most promoted. That 's not even counting the fact that there was very little market competition and the low prices resource of oil. Job opportunities even opened in education and goods and services. Labor unions won better benefits for those jobs, which provided better health care and retirement plans. The suburbs became a new sight for home. The Federal Housing Administration and government, lowered interest rates on home mortgages. These suburban areas grew a new vision of society, despite the fact that people of color were still segregated in these community. Besides that, blacks moved into big cities for work. Sadly though, they were unaware of the urban declination. Folks were moving to the West (as well as South) for a natural outlook and, well, ironically, the industry. As you can guess,…show more content…
Materialism started to gleam over their previous value of hard work and savings. By the end of the nineteen fifties, just about every home had a television. The typical American family was defined by the male being the main provider and the woman taken care of "domestic" responsibilities. Gender roles were hardy and intact, but feminist, Betty Friedan believed there wasn 't a difference in biology that made them physically weaker. Though, not many other women challenged this stereotype society placed on them, despite the fact the employment of women was

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