The Impact Of Keeping Animals In Zoos

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Should we be keeping animals in zoos? How does that really help the animal? Can we keep them safe? As referenced in the text “The Impact Of Animal Protection,” human activities have been destroying animal habitats to make roads or more buildings, even hunting for sport! So to protect these animals, we’ve created zoos and nature parks for the animals, but are both of them really benefiting the animals? Although they may seem to keep them safe from being hurt, it’s taking them away from their home. To start off, We need to make animals feel safe and not put them though pressure or force them to live in a secluded their entire life. That reason being; because Zoos don’t really protect the animals mindsets, Nature may be better for them but we can’t force animals to mate, and we need to stop hunting endangered species.
Zoos might help with protecting these endangered animals, but it turns their mind into something else. When animals get moved into these small spaces and caged to be viewed by hundreds of people, that might drive them a little mad. Even though zoos try to give animals enough room to roam, fly, run, climb and swim, It doesn’t seem to be enough. Due to this, many larger animals have been seen not behaving as they would in their natural environment. Making their natural instincts become suppressed and even forgot over time. Large felines have been witnessed pacing back and forth within their lonely quarantine, parrots grooming themselves to the point that they begin
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