The Impact Of Lack Of Morality In Society

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“Morality is the basis of things and truth is the substance of all morality” Gandhi. Lack of morality in the society we have today has become the biggest problem in today’s generation that has created a gap between adults and kids. The lack of morality can be traced back to the modernization of people and technology along with social influences that are very influential in developing teens. With the modernization of technology, the gap between morals and social standard have become blurrier and blurrier because with technology there, has been a large social standard to uphold. The modernization technology has created distractions from the main goal because you’re always shifting from one screen or one goal to the next because the falsified goals we create have a better influence than our main goals. Social influences such as celebrities have a momentous impact because they are often idolized by the generation we have today, so they have a standard to uphold if they want to leave a good mark on the kids because if the celebrity is caught doing an illegal action kids believe they should follow because they lack personal experience so they seek the actions through others to fill the gap they have. Overall technology has created a lack of morality as technology has become more advanced because we seek a life through technology. The world 's problems or disasters help loosen the grasp on morality because we see the problems and believe that It 's right to do wrong
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