The Impact Of Media, Gambling And Betting

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Media, Gambling and Betting Media is the powerhouse of information brought closer and closer to the people as technology gets modernized and easier to be used and accessed (Curtis, 2012). Through this, anyone can access media in any form. In fact, media does not anymore need to be accessed because at present, media is now everywhere. Gambling, on one hand, is another field that has thrived within the modernization of technology and media dissemination. To gain more customers, casinos and all the other forms of gambling and betting have resorted to television advertisements for wider viewership (Valentine, 2008). In Australian Football League matches alone, supporters of sporting games are exposed to an average of 341 minutes of gambling advertising when simultaneous promotions were counted separately (Thomas, 2012). The dissemination of media as a tool for advertising has been so widespread that it cannot anymore control the number and the groups of people appropriate for the viewership of gambling advertisements that gambling, although restricted for adults, have also been tried out by minors in large, alarming numbers (Valentine, 2008). Although the media does not dress gambling in a different light, it does not also give out the truths about it. Gambling, in different platforms of media, have been portrayed as a sport that aims people to see luck as a personal characteristic. That though gambling is a game of luck; the ways to win it can be calculated and attributed

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