The Impact Of Media On Women

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The effects that media has on women is that it creates low self esteem and self confidence due to unrealistic beauty standards that is being projected on the media. Photoshop in the media is the use of photoshop to digitally alter photos, photoshop is mainly used especially to enhance a certain feature in a photo. Everyone tends to talk about how photoshop is used especially in creating that perfect or ideal woman for the media. Some images are changed to fit some very un-human and unrealistic ideals that we view over and over again and see it as being a normal standard. As a woman, I personally feel that this effects women to the point that some take their own lives for not fitting in to society’s idea of beauty when it’s simply just unattainable.

The media shows us that there’s so much negativity and judgement towards women. That’s all just the visual of the pressure we, as woman, feel to conform to the ideals given by media. Media gives us this notion of the perfect women who looks and dress a particular way and because women may not look that way, they’re scrutinised. The ideal vision of beauty is more extreme today than it has ever been before. Before this, the perfection was mainly achieved through cosmetics, but now, in this day and age, it is perfected through computers. It is sadly rare to see a photograph of a beautiful woman that has not been altered digitally to make her inhumanely perfect.

The most critical thing to understand about the images being shown and
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