The Impact Of Mental Health On The LGBTI Community

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When health outcomes are affected negatively through behaviours that are risky, it is easy to blame the individuals. For LGBTI communities, this was evident in the 80’s when HIV was first diagnosed and the culpability was imposed on gay and bisexual men. This combined with powerful institutional homophobia has impacted on LGBTI communities attitudes towards health. LGBTI communities experience worldwide social stigma, violence and discrimination everyday which can have an impact on their health status and contribute to their experiences of health inequalities. The provision of health to LGBTI communities is further fraught with controversy; due to some health professionals have a lack of regard to gender variety or sexual orientations.…show more content…
Research is found to have a Transgendered view on health or how mental health impacts on LGBTI communities. For the sake of this research proposal, I will be discussing mental health barriers to LGBTI communities. Key issues that related to mental health were found to be stigma and homophobia or transphobia, as found in a study conducted by Adams, 2013. The participators of the study found that issues of stigma. Discrimination and lack of understanding was discussed as a whole-of-society issue which is something that needs to be addressed at a government level, rather than looking at the individuals (Bateman,

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