The Impact Of Migration In Egypt

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Migration is one the oldest phenomena known worldwide. The migration of people has become a main aspect to both the origin country 's and host-country 's development. In other words, the level of human capital within a country is without a doubt related to the country’s level of development. The migration process could either cause a brain drain to the home country, a brain gain to the home country, or a mutual gain to both countries. Migration is an important phenomenon in Egypt that has a challenging impact on the country. For the past years, one of the biggest challenges facing developing countries like Egypt is the departure of their brightest scholars and scientists from the nation. The desire of more wealth, better living conditions, and political stability strips many developing countries of their brightest human capital. The phenomenon of migrating Egyptians is a brain drain to the home country due to inadequate education and unemployment, therefore the government is working on reversing this phenomenon. One main push factor that pushes Egyptians out of the country is the inadequate education available. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report in 2010, Egypt ranked the 123rd out of 133 countries in the quality of the education system index (Ramadan, Amr). The problem of a deteriorating education system has been the main concern of the government for a long time. According to a 2010 report by the UN Development Program, more than 40%
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