The Impact Of Modern Technology

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Modern technology can be defined as an advancement of old technology. Technology has evolved greatly throughout the years. Nowadays, technology plays an important role and has become a priority in humans lives. They are invented and innovated to make our lives easier, lighter and faster. In other words, it helps us in our daily routine. For example, the existence of washing machine helps us to do our laundry quicker than washing it with our bare hands which could take a lot of time. Companies have also invented eco friendly washing machines that can prevent pollution, saves water and prevent global warming. However, the impact of technology is unmeasurable as it gives both positive and negative consequences. Modern technology has provided…show more content…
Back in the days, people used to communicate with sending messages through smoke signals and carrier pigeon. Smoke signals involved generating puffs of smoke and a blanket so others could see the smoke rising from the air. For carrier pigeons, pigeons were effective as messengers due to their natural homing abilities. As years gone by, people started to invent a more convenient tool to communicate over long distances. As an example, Alexander Graham Bell, an inventor and a scientist, invented the first ever working telephone in 1876. Eventually, technology advanced to the point where people were able to take their connectivity mobile. Devices such as smartphones and tablets enable mobile connectivity virtually anywhere that Wi-Fi or cellular service exists. People can converse virtually anywhere and anytime by voice or text. As an example, the newest edition of the iPhone series, iPhone X has many upgraded features from the previous iPhone such as glass body, face recognition, and the highest resolution display Apple has ever introduced in an iPhone. Be that as it may, these gadgets can also kill face to face communication because people tend to pay more attention to their devices than the people around them. In results, it will affect our relationships whether if its friends or family, if we take this matter…show more content…
The media is always quick to be blamed by the politicians when news do not put them in a favourable light. Therefore, with the advance of technology, politicians use media to win elections by getting the exposure they need to reach voters. Reporters have no choice but to cover the people chosen to lead the government. These days, people trust media easily and this makes politicians spread news that is related to the government easier, either facts or rumours. People who work in media should be prepared for the manipulation they will likely face when a politician is head-on into the media’s desire to seek the truth. Well this can conclude media as a punching bag. Politicians who are pleased with a particular news story sometimes praise the reporter for fairness and objectivity. When the story is not positive, claims of media bias will usually pour out from the campaign. Besides that, TV Commercials and print ads are amongst the sources that politicians aim to expose themselves. Any candidates with enough money will spend money on them. Citizens might not know about the rules that give a political campaign an advantage over the media. Media outlets have a little control over what is said in a political advertisement, even if it misleading or downright false. It is reporters job to edit the articles that are most important to be presented to the audience. Today,

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