The Impact Of Nike's Impact On Society

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The purpose behind the creation of a social contract is so as to restrict one from abusing of his powers over society. This is a very important aspect to be seen in this piece of work as we shall be looking at the actions of the company Nike in the world to the society that is in direct relationship/ contact with it. Nike being one of the world multinational companies on its own is a very big one and talking about every aspect of it’s relations will be too much for this essay, thus we shall be focusing on a few specific aspects. These aspects are Nike social performance, those mainly related to equity and community welfare. In other word this essay is made to assess the impacts of Nike society. NIKE Although they are mostly known for the sports shoes, that is not the only thing the company produces. There are also in the manufacturing of design outing shoes, sports wears (cloths, shorts, hats, hoodies ect….) along with the productions of certain technological device to help NIKE’s users to monitor there activities using the available technology.…show more content…
The company is now controlled by Philip H. Knight the chairman of the board of directors and Mark Parker the president and chief executive officer. The mission of Nike is to “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world” ( 2014) and by athlete they mean everyone as they believe that if you have a body than you must be an

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