The Impact Of Piracy On The Entertainment Industry

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Piracy might affect the income of workers involved in the making of movies. Workers in the lower rungs of the entertainment industry may experience cutting overhead (Straus, 2013). They are basically people who work behind the scenes for the movies. According to Loeb (2010), those who work behind the scenes derive a substantial portion of their health, welfare, benefits, and retirement contributions from the revenue that their work generates from secondary markets which consist of foreign distribution, DVD sales, and airings on television. This contribution obtained long after the initial distribution of movies in theaters and television. Pirates do not pay wages or taxes and they do not give benefits to the workers. Therefore, how is it possible for all these workers obtained those benefits when the viewer preferred to watch the film at pirate sites rather than in more legal ways. Conversely, actors and directors may not experience the impact since they may not be getting a considerable portion of back-end money (Strauss, 2013). For them, piracy is just another way of upping up their visibility where recognition of their work, their name, and their face is predominant.
Besides, piracy can also affect the jobs in the entertainment industry. This was admitted by Researcher Stephen Siwek who conduct a study for the Institute for Policy Innovation. He found that more than 46000 jobs in the motion picture industry were loss resulted by piracy (Loeb, 2010). In the same way,

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