How Did George Washington's Impact On Society

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President George Washington had a great impact on the United States during the federalist era. Washington’s impact helped United States prosper economically, politically and socially. Washington’s impact on the United States included handling the French and Indian War, early political activity, American Revolution, military campaigns, political leadership during the war, presidency and executive departments and foreign affairs. George Washington was a major military leader during the American Revolution. He was the commander of the continental army. First battle of the American Revolution, the battle of Lexington and Concord, involved leadership of Washington. The battle was also known as “The shots heard around the world.” Washington proved his leadership by laying out a surprise attack at Trenton after crossing the Delaware River in 1776. Although Washington and his men experienced tough luck at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777, his military was able to survive. George Washington also proved his leadership in the last years of the war. The continental army won the Battle of Yorktown by successfully defeating the British with Washington’s leadership and French support. When compared to any other politician in the Federalist era it is important to understand that Washington played a key role in the nation’s independence. If the nation was still under British control then politicians such…show more content…
Major accomplishments helped the United States prosper economically, politically and socially. Washington was the Commander in Chief of the American army during the Revolutionary War. Washington along with Hamilton supported financial plans such as building a Bank of United States (BUS). Also Washington presided over many domestic and foreign issues such as the Whiskey Rebellion, Native American wars in the Northwestern territory and the French-British wars in
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