The Impact Of Racism In Australia

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In this day and age, many believe racism to be an issue of the past, when as a matter of fact, it is still frequently impacting peoples lives all around the globe. Unfortunately, many issues regarding racism occur in the sporting world. In Australia, it occurs most often in Australian Rules Football, or in the major competition, AFL (Australian Football League). It is a widely accepted idea that the players and spectators of a sport, rather than the sport itself have a direct impact of inducing racism within that particular sport. Relating to the AFL, the main offenders of racism are the spectators, who are commonly abusing players of different race to them.

When looking at incidents involving racism, one of the most well known cases involves the St Kilda player, Neil Winmar, also known as Nicky Winmar. In 1993, Winmar was in the middle of racial abuse from a section of the crowd watching his game, after receiving abuse from these onlookers, Winmar lifted his jersey to show his skin, showing he was proud of his heritage, and was not fazed by the racists. This was the main incident which led the AFL committee to look into its stance against racism, and to provide a voice for all watching the game, to see there was no place for such abuse in the game. Although it has improved somewhat today, there are still the usual news stories about the AFL looking into a case of racism against an indigenous player almost each round of the league. It is still a major problem within the
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